Transfer Analysis

Transfer Analysis®: A Proprietary Technique

EMI has developed a sophisticated system specifically designed to help in the development of a successful licensing program. The research program, Transfer Analysis®, consists of proprietary research techniques are used to uncover the true nature of a trademark’s equity by penetrating deeply into the minds of consumers through intensive research. It goes beyond the superficial that is often measured by traditional research delves deeply into the consumer’s innermost feelings, beliefs, and perceptions surrounding a brand. Transfer Analysis® is based upon a well documented principle of consumer buying behavior. Individual brands with images that are consistent with their self‐perceptions, motivations and attitudes. Consequently, the imagery surrounding a given trademark must be thoroughly understood in order to ensure that licensed products exemplify the existing consumer perception of a brand’s equity.

This research yields three important benefits for the licensing program:(1) the intrinsic appeal of the products is greater;(2) the level of consumer satisfaction is increased, thereby extending product lifecycles; and (3) positive images of the trademark are reflected back to the consumer, which will augment the equity.

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