EMI’s Full Service Capabilities Are Your First Step Towards Success

We offer the largest full‐time, in‐house sales force in the industry. These professionals have the highest degree of motivation to develop, sell, and bring to market successful, long‐term licensed businesses. EMI’s product experience spans over 170 unique product categories. This expertise is employed on your behalf to generate the best licenses with the strongest licensees. Furthermore, our foundational economic model is designed to motivate EMI to invest in your licensing program for the long‐term benefit of your brand and your company.

Our operational approach provides a comprehensive “turn-key” licensing solution and is structured to preserve our client's program decision‐making and control. EMI does all the work while you, the client, make all the decisions.

EMI provides a full spectrum of services to our corporate clients, including:

  • Long-Term Business Development
  • Equity Protection
  • Prospect Mapping
  • Licensee Supervision
  • Category Mapping
  • Marketing the Equity
  • Global Licensing Sales
  • Status Reporting
  • Transfer Analysis®
  • Licensee Identification
  • Business & Marketing Counsel
  • Sales & Revenue Reporting
  • Creative Development
  • Retail Partnership Development
  • Infringement Controls
  • Legal Counsel

“EMI’s sole focus is on corporate trademark licensing. Our collective experience continually improves our ability to provide our clients the most effective trademark licensing services available today.”

Quick Facts

  • Over 26 Years in Corporate Trademark Licensing
  • Represent the most Fortune 500 brands in the Industry
  • Offices in San Diego, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Worldwide affiliates