Licensing Benefits

A Superior Process Yields Superior Results

As a partner in licensing, our role is to develop sound, logical, and meaningful licensed businesses that enhance a trademark’s equity without requiring any marketing funds. To support our clients’ corporate brand marketing initiatives, EMI is committed to providing professionally managed and executed licensing programs. EMI leverages its extensive team of professionals to deliver the expertise necessary to build and manage a successful licensing program on our clients’ behalf.

Our licensing philosophy and strategic planning processes ensure all of our licensing activities reinforce the brand’s equity, and we carefully position the program to complement your key marketing initiatives with additional marketing impressions and substantial retail sales. Additionally, through licensing, we offer a new product introduction alternative to high‐risk, high‐investment OEM relationships, joint ventures, and internal product development. Our approach allows our clients to:

  • Intensify the positive equity of their mark
  • Enter new markets which complement the trademark’s core business without risking significant capital investment
  • Enhance the legal protection of their trademarks
  • Generate highly profitable royalty revenues
  • Increase the overall pervasiveness of their brands
  • Enhance consumer perception of their corporate trademarks and core businesses

Corvette Boat

Quick Facts

  • EMI’s expertise helps our clients avoid pitfalls many experience in today’s licensing marketplace
  • EMI’s new product introduction success rate exceeds 80%
  • Licensing is the only brand building strategy that actually generates revenue instead of spending it