Success Stories: La-Z-Boy Patio Furniture

Moving the Brand Outside of the Home

While most companies avoid licensing in product categories that they consider to be too similar to their core product, EMI and La‐Z‐Boy acknowledged the enormous potential and benefit of expanding into a complementary furniture category: Casual Outdoor. EMI began a thorough search for a licensee who not only recognized the tremendous strength of the brand’s equity, but was capable of creating an outdoor furniture line that met the high consumer expectations for La‐Z‐Boy‐branded products.

After securing a long‐term license agreement with an industry leader, EMI diligently worked with the licensee to develop a sales and marketing plan that would guarantee the continued success of the program. EMI’s role was not only to create the license agreement, but to ensure that the vision of the furniture line was presented in the best possible light to both retail buyers and consumers.

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