Brand Extension Licensing

The Details and Benefits of Brand Extension Licensing

In contrast to traditional licensing practices, which rely on brand recognition to drive product sales, Brand Extension Licensing utilizes the brand’s innate qualities to inform consumers in the creation of new products. The potential benefits of Brand Extension Licensing are substantial. However, it is a complex process, requiring experience and insight to fully realize the value and scope of a brand’s equity. EMI’s history of success makes us invaluable in successfully implementing a Brand Extension Licensing Program.

Brand Extension Licensing is the process of fully capitalizing on a trademark asset by utilizing the images and ideas that consumers associate with that trademark to successfully develop businesses in complementary product categories. It is the highest form of brand marketing, leveraging the core competencies and resources of strategically selected licensing partners to manufacture, market, and sell equity enhancing licensed products. When properly managed, it can help corporations:

  • Intensify the positive equity of a brand
  • Generate high margin revenues
  • Establish a brand’s consumer franchise among newly targeted demographic groups not currently using the product
  • Tap new markets without the usual high cost of expansion
  • Minimize the negative effects of seasonality and regionality on a trademark
  • Increase consumer awareness and preference for a brand
  • Enhance trade acceptance of a company’s primary products
  • Launch new products with instant consumer recognition and acceptance
  • Enhance the scope of legal protection for a trademark

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