Advantages of Licensing

Unrivaled Product Differentiation

Originality and creativity are fundamental to the success of a licensed product in the market today. With new product development and packaging innovation more competitive than ever before, retailers have begun to encourage manufacturers to match new products with powerful, easily recognized brands that provide immediate consumer recognition and acceptance. In today’s marketplace, product differentiation depends on more than technological innovation and a products feature set. Increasingly, emphasis is being placed on brand, in order to establish credibility with consumers. EMI’s proven process coupled with the strength of our Client’s trademarks, provides licensees with an opportunity to offer value, product quality and brand recognition to consumers.

Furthermore, licensees will be able to:

  • Launch new products with instant consumer recognition
  • Sell a greater volume of products without the high risk of heavy market expenditures
  • Apply the imagery of the trademark to increase the appeal of your product
  • Gain instant retail enthusiasm and acceptance
  • Benefit from the licensor’s promotional and advertising efforts to support the trademark

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